It’s the raven that never came
Back to the ark hangin’ out with the viper at the garden of eden that angered the God
Show who you really are
Moon eclipsin’ the star
Precise one reborn scorned by human flaws
So who is this saying that money is bliss?
Your logic will miss
You and the devil about to kiss
I dismiss motherfuckers leading our brothers through streets and gutters
Overflowing from tears for my mothers that fall
As they witness the death of they children
While they’re alive, realize they
Fell victim to American nightmare
Daring to dream things ain’t never what they seem, can we ever redeem?
Hold on to old principles and still remain sensible
Analog heart became digital

All You Know


Cigarette Burns EP by Apollo Brown

Listen/download: Cigarette Burns EP by Apollo Brown

"Two weeks from today Detroit producer Apollo Brown will be releasing his newest instrumental soundtrack Thirty Eight. The sound falls somewhere between the end of 70s heroin and the beginning of 80s crack, with all the cigarette burns and scratches intact. The technicolor journey begins today with a three track collection of instrumentals from the project that Apollo has titled Cigarette Burns EP.

To go along with the OST, Apollo has created three advance film posters in addition to the cover photo taken by legendary photographer Jeremy Deputat.

The Entire New Album Hits Stores April 29th
Apollo Brown - Thirty Eight”